Sunday, May 12, 2013


 Athenian Government

Athens was called a democracy because they were a direct democracy. And Athens had almost 500 citizens vote on suggested laws, and 6,000 to agree on them. Every citizen in Athens was allowed to vote.

Athenian Economy

Athenians got the goods they needed for everyday life by trading. They set up agoras(markets) To trade with people from different place. They also traded with other places, such as Italy and Egypt.

Education in Athens

Athenians trained the minds and bodies of boys by forcing them to participate in classes. In these classes the boys trained their minds by memorizing important information. Boys were also included in choirs and sports. Most boys were also involved with the military. 

Women and Slaves in Athens

Women were treated unfairly in Athens. Women were not considered citizens in Athens. Since women weren't citizens, they had very few rights. Women could not inherit there own property. Women spent all of their time teaching her kids, until the age of 7, ordering servants, and running the household. 

Slaves in Athens were also treated unfairly. Slaves were treated so badly that they would be put out in the agoras fro sale. You could simply walk in and buy a slave. Once bought, slaves spent long hours doing work for their owner. The slaves that were "bad" were in jobs that would lead to death.

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