Thursday, May 23, 2013

Alexander the Great

As a result of the Peloponniesian Wars, Sparta and Athens began war. For 27 years, allies joined either Athens or Sparta. In the end, Sparta won. For a time it was the most powerful city-state in Greece. Then, Sparta, in turn, was defeated by Thebes, never to rise again. While the Greeks fought, Macedonia grew stronger. For a while Macedonia was a collection of scattered tribes, until Phillip the 2nd took the throne and united them. Years of was had left the Greeks weak, so Phillip took advantage of this. King Phillip had conquered most of the mainland of Greece. He allowed the Greek city-states to keep most of their freedom, but they were now under his control. Phillip thought that there was never again to be another powerful city-state in Greece. King Phillip next wanted to conquer Persia, but he was soon murdered.

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